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deathpenalty Essay

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None except the huge supply of scum who deserve it. Occasionally an "innocent" person is put to death; but historically in the US the number of cases like that is very small, less than 1/10 of 1 percent...and with improved DNA technology this number is fast approaching zero. I put the word "innocent" in quotes because as a rule, if you are in the system, you aren't totally innocent... even if you aren't necessarily guilty of murder. Let's say the guy didn't KILL the kid, he just participated in the torture and rape part. If he's 'mistakenly' put to death don't you think he got what he deserved anyway? Anyone who pays attention to the death penalty can feel it. A sea change is under way. Support for the death penalty has fallen to its lowest point in years. It now [in 2001] stands at 63 percent, down from 77 percent [in 1996], according to the latest available poll. However, that drops to 46 percent when life in prison is offered as an option. [In] September [2000], a bipartisan study showed that 64 percent would favor a moratorium on further executions until "issues of fairness can be resolved." Having stated the foregoing, people still probably would not be willing to pull the switch or press the button. Luckily there are others that for some reason, either out of a sense of duty or for some other reason, are able to and will do the deed. The death penalty is a very big issue. Not only does it often torment the minds of very many people - and so the question of it regularly arises both in private and in pubic discussion - but it has significant effects on the way in which our societies develop and on the manner in which we view the people within them. And it is clearly a topic that those who would claim to be serious thinkers should reflect upon very deeply before they come to any firm conclusions. According to Dennis, "One of the most common, and surely the most persuasive, arguments against capital punishment is that the state may execute an innocent person. In...

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