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Decions, Decisions, Decsions Essay

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Everyday people are faced with a countless number of decisions they must make. Every decision has a different consequence whether it be good or bad. All the Pretty Horses and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight alike had characters who faced many pivotal decisions that shaped their ultimate outcomes. Throughout each hero's journey, choices, not fate, guided them.
Fate is beyond the contorol of mankind. It was fate that the cowboy life was coming to an end. All John Grady Cole knew was the farm and riding horses and once that was gone he would either have to start anew or continue living in the past.   John Grady immediately had a decision to make about leaving the farm that would alter the rest of his life. It was a decision that made him leave the farm and go to Mexico. Likewise, it was fate that Sir Gawain was born into a society that had standards and codes that knights must abide by. It was the decision Gawain made that led him to accept the challenge in place of King Arthur. Gawain decided to keep his word to the Green Knight and embarked on the mission to find him.
In the middle of their journey both heros were faced with their most important decisions. In All the Pretty Horses Lacy Rawlins said, "ever dumb thing I ever done in my life there was a decision I made before that got me into it. It was never the dumb thing. It was always some choice I'd made before it." John Grady was faced with the moral decision of whether to leave Jimmy Blevins or wait for him. He was torn between what was right and what was smart. Leaving Blevins would've made for a smooth ride to Mexico, but waiting for Blevins was only asking for trouble, and they both knew it. John Grady made the choice to stick with Blevins, and choas struck soon afterwards. After they arrived in Mexico, Rawlins and John Grady got a job on a ranch. John Grady made the decision to lie to the owner of the ranch about being in the company of Blevins on the ride down to Mexico. After leaving prison, John Grady...

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