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Define Equal Rights Essay

  • Submitted by: sorensen04
  • on December 14, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Define Equal Rights
Over the past three decades the term marriage in the United States has been undergoing a definition makeover.   The citizens and law makers of the U.S. have several, very different, viewpoints and arguments as to why their personal definitions are more accurate than the definitions of others.   Certain homosexual organizations like the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), have been battling equal marriage rights since the 1960’s, court cases like McConnell vs. United States of America and Bowers vs. Hardwick (1) set the stage for a new persistent, a new campaign for equal gay rights.   From the beginning, the majority of law makers saw marriage as something to be shared solely between a man and a woman, they felt that not only is that the way it’s supposed to be but the way that God intended it to be.   Many religious conservatives feel that marriage is a sacred, a holy union, which should not be tarnished by allowing people of the same sex to join in holy matrimony.   What is further compounding and confusing this issue making it so complex is the fact that many different people are debating their viewpoints from totally separate angles.   For example, right-winged legal groups feel that allowing homosexual couples to marry would take away from the holy concept of a marriage being solely between a man and woman.   Whereas the issue that faces most homosexual couples seeking a “recognized union” is not whether or not their type of relationship is seen to other people as religiously acceptable or moral, but whether or not they are being granted the same and equal rights that our beloved constitution promotes and protects for all.
  With the 2008 presidential election looming around the corner, the issue of same-sex marriage has become a major topic of debate and attention among presidential candidates.   Although all ten of the Republican candidates oppose same-sex marriages, the Democrats seem to be fairly split over the issue. Over...

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