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Defining psychological contract and the developments in conceptualization (Part 1) Essay

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The terms of psychological contract are clearly obvious in the studies of Argyris (1960), Levinson and colleagues (Price, Munden, Mandl and Solley) (1962) and Schein (1965, 1978).   Argyris (1960) first utilized the concept of psychological contract to describe the exchange relationship between individual and their organizations. The relationship in this term shows the power of perception and the values held by both parties to the employment relationship. Levinson et al. (1962) describe in concept of psychological contract as an unwritten concept. In their term the psychological contract is a series of mutual expectations between the organizations and the employees. The term psychological contract describes more by Schein (1965, 1978, 1980) as a set of unwritten expectation show at each time between each member of the organization and others in the organization. Schein divides the psychological contract to two levels: individual and organizational. Schein also states that it is essential to understand the psychological contract because it is determinate of behavior in organizations. The expectations between those two parties cover the whole set of obligations, privileges and rights. This leads the later researches to concern with the breach and violations of the psychological contract which affect to the performance of organizations (Anderson & Schalk, 1998; Thomas, Kevin & Ravlin, 2003; Cullinane & Dundon, 2006)
After the earlier interest in the concept of psychological contract, there are several authors describe the term of psychological contract. However, such describers stage only term of the exchange relationship between two parties: employers (or organizations) and employees. As such the view by Herriot and Pemberton’s (1995, cite in Anderson & Schalk, 1998). In such term, the psychological contract is the perception of employers and employees of their relationship in which covers the thing that both parties give and offer each other. Similar to the studies...

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