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Definition Paper

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  • on October 23, 2009
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The Alchemist Definition Paper

Allegory – symbolic works in which characters, events, objects and places are to be understood to represent something else (something beyond the text); not to be taken literally.

An allegory represents deeper, outer moral, political, spiritual, philosophical meaning.

Related literary terms associated with allegory
• Parables
• Ex: Good Samaritan,   Prodigal Son
• Usually emphasize spiritual lessons
• ( & usually one char. Repr. Every Man – In Alchemist, is Santiago – In superman, Superman )
• Fables
• Ex: Chicken Little, Tortoise and the Hare, The Fox and the Crow
• Always/Often chars. are personified animals ; at least 2 char. converse
• Usually moral lessons

^ Are ex. Of allegory
• Not literal;; Figurative, metaphorical, symbolic

1 Fable
2 Parable
3 Allegory
4 Jargon
5 Parallelism

**Alchemist symbols

-Santiago, Melchezadek, Gypsy woman, Fatima, Englishman,
^ Biblical Character names
Santiago – NT St. James the Greater
^Leaves his boat and family behind when Jesus said “Come Follow Me”
-Melchezadek – OT King, w/Abraham
^ Some believe is predecessor of JC
-Gypsy Woman – Veronica, NT Wipes Jesus’ face
-Englishman - *Think in light of N.Africa

-Sourcerer’s Stone – Moses struck  
-Gold Coins – Jesus got mad  (??? Give to ceasar what is ceasar’s?)



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