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Definitoin Essay Of Sick

  • Submitted by: rcadena
  • on December 5, 2011
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Sick, a word that frightens people and sometimes it may give them hope because like after every thunder storm there is always a rainbow.   I personally don’t prefer it.   If only we made the time to look up words, we would find that every word has different meanings.   For example the word sick, we all know it as negative and meaning someone is ill but it also means something positive.   “Your ride is sick” or “your shoes are sick”, in other words “your ride is cool” or “your shoes are cool”.   Another example were we use sick differently is when people use the phrase “sick him boy”.
The definition of the word sick is to suffer from an illness of any kind.   The origin of the word sick is Middle English sek, sik, from Old English sEoc; akin to Old High German sioh sick.   The word sick was first used in c888 by King Alfred.
The word sick changed in 1845, when author J. J. Hooper used it in his novel Some Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs.   “Sick him Bull”, in this phrase he took the word sick and changed the meaning from sick to set upon, attack (animal).   Since then the phrase “sick him boy” has been used a lot by humans who have dogs as pets, initiating them to attack someone or something on command.
The word sick has also changed over time into something positive.   Now in this era the youth use it as another word for cool, for example “your shoes are sick” as I said earlier.   It isn’t recorded when the meaning of sick changed to cool but it is a fact, just listen to the youth around you when they speak.
Today the word sick is mostly used when someone is ill and unhealthy but it is also used just as much when someone is trying to say that something is cool.   I think that this word is always going to be used because there is always someone sick.   Also because there is something new and cool every day and there are teenagers out there making up new slang words everyday.

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