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Deification Of A Political Figure Essay

  • Submitted by: ellyzen88
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Elizabeth Garcia
Tara Kai
EN 1102- Composition II
January 26, 2009

              From Man to God: Deification of a Political Figure and Its Consequences

I. Introduction
II. From Faith to Dependency
a. Building Trust Through Manipulation
b. Zero Democracy
c. Permission to Live
III. From Loyalty to Fear
a. Two-Faced (spies)
b. Punishment is Personal
IV. From Leader to Oppressor
a. Isolation
b. Women’s Role
c. Right-Hand Men
V. Conclusion

From Man to God:
Deification of a Political Figure and Its Consequences
In order to understand the present and thrive in the future, we as a people must first understand our past because the notion that history repeats itself is entirely true. Throughout history there have been several different cases of countries that have fallen under the rule of a tyrannical leader. If one were to analyze these examples of tyrannical behavior, they would probably discover that behind all these leaders stood a common culprit: deification.   It is deification by the people that has the ability to turn a power-hungry man with ideals and goals, to a tyrant with little tolerance and a large god complex.
Some people claim that deification of a political figure can be beneficial in order to gain the population’s trust. Portraying a leader as a godly figure breeds more loyalty from followers because they will gain admiration for someone who is “above” them, thus they will obey his every law. The country would be unified behind their leader and fulfill their role as citizens of their nation without question. As a result, the country would be more stable and more productive because all its citizens share the same belief and faith in their leader.
In this paper, I will describe the evolution of a dictatorship as seen from the public’s perspective and stress the dangers of deifying a leader. In the first section, I will illustrate the transition from faith to dependence to show how quickly the public can lose their voice...

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