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The Dell Problem Essay

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The Dell Problem
    As you read the title of this essay, you may feel the need to chuckle. This is because you are one of the many who have owned a Dell either presently, or in the past. You know what it is like to call technical support, and never able to get proper assistance. Whether you had a software problem, hardware problem, or just had a broken machine, you never can get an English speaking operator or a competent I.T. Technician on the phone.
    I am proud to say that I have never owned a Dell PC. I have worked in repair PC's for friends, co-workers, but mainly my immediate family. Every last Dell that each of them ever owned has always crashed and burned in less than a year. This is not because of user error or some kind of profound misuse of the computer. All check's were in place if a virus/malware caused this. They never installed any software from untrusted sources, if anything at all was installed. These PC's were those of older folks, who lightly used there computers. Mainly due to the lack of knowledge on how to fully utilize their PC.
    If you do have a hardware or software failure, and I am sure you will sooner or later, then you will find yourself calling Dell. You'll be on the phone pressing buttons at prompts for about 25-30 minutes minimum. Talking to people you can't understand you for around the same time frame, if your even still on the phone at this point. Customer service at Dell is truly lacking, and I would avoid these machines at all cost.
    All of the information in this essay is based on the three times I have had to call Dell support. So the point you should take from this paper is to not purchase a Dell system. I wouldn't even take a free Dell, because it's probably a broken Dell. So whether or not you have a hardware failure up front as soon as you get the machine, or it is two years down the road, your Dell WILL crash and burn.

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