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Democratic Revolution Essay

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Below is an essay on "Democratic Revolution" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Politics have existed since the dawn of history. Governments were created because it had been allegedly affirmed that a nation could progress only via certain systematic strategies which an authoritative group could put into practice for the general welfare. In our modern era, various forms of government have seen light of day, the most notable form of which are the autocratic system and the democratic system.

Democracy is fundamentally a government run by the people, usually through elected representatives chosen by every eligible adult member of the society. In fact, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle defined a government run by the majority as a polity, which was later christened democracy by modern man. Theoretically, in democracies, the will of more than half the population is supposed to be reflected in the political process, through the elections of candidates who have espoused this policy, leaving aside the question of whether the common man, with his relative lack of information and native prejudices, is the one to decide how, and by whom, the country should be administered.

From my own perspective, no system of government is totally perfect. All forms of government are ridden with loopholes, which generally breed unfortunate circumstances and crisis situations. Yet, renowned university lecturers who teach philosophical and political sciences have concurred that a democratic system is the best form of government which can manage the affairs of a state or a country.

One of the key aspects of democracy is that a faction of wealthy and affluent elite will not be allowed disproportionate power. This ideal of the liberal democratic society was, in fact, established by the French and American Revolutions and is endorsed as the ideal form of government around the world. This ideology helps to safeguard the citizens from oppressive abuse of power such as in dictatorships and oligarchies, thereby ensuring that people will have technical freedom over...

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