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Descartes A mastery of ourselves Essay

  • Submitted by: snowytiger590
  • on December 11, 2008
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A Mastery of Ourselves

“[and] thus make ourselves like masters and possessors of nature.” (Pg. 49 Descartes Discourse on Method)

Descartes doesn’t make much of his ideas. He believes that his ideas are no more special and will have no greater impact than anyone else’s on themselves. His current thinking however has lead him to believe that keeping these ideas to himself would hinder the development of mankind. These ideas have lead him to believe, through his experiences, that he has found a practical philosophy, something more than the speculative philosophy studied in school. This statement offers many implications if it is true. A practical philosophy would mean useable science to gain knowledge never before thought possible. This knowledge would lead to a control and then a total power over ourselves. If we can gain complete knowledge pertaining to ourselves, based on this useable philosophy, then that knowledge would enable us to control ourselves. This will enable us to manipulate ourselves, and will enable us to create a better foundation to know other things. We are the foundation, and if we know everything about the foundation, we can better build on top of it. This will enable a better knowledge of nature to be built upon our foundation, and the things around us, even a mastery of our environment can be gained. At our present state, we have no where near a total control over ourselves or nature, but if this useable philosophy can give us this knowledge, we can develop this control. Useable philosophy gives us this power to know, which will give us a power to control. This control can lead to a power and mastery of all that is around us, but it all starts wit knowledge. This would change our society completely because we could control everything. The possibilities are endless if we can change anything. A mastery of ourselves leads to a mastery of our environment, but this will only happen with complete knowledge and understanding. That knowledge...

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