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Describing And Discussing Cognitive Behavioural Th Essay

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  • on December 6, 2011
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Effective treatments in
Behavioural therapy
Cognitive Behavioural therapy is psychotherapy based on problem solving, it is known to be a highly effective mental health treatment method and has been proved to tackle anger issues, depression and anxiety disorders. As well as tackling mental health issues it has been made known to deal with medical conditions such as hypertension, chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Another type of highly effective psychotherapy is behavioural therapy which focuses on ways to help change and gain control over unwanted behaviours. This psychotherapy is based on classical conditioning which was developed by Ivan Pavlov and it is also based on the principles of operant conditioning developed by B.F Skinner. This treatment is known to be effective for health problems in which a certain type of behaviour has to change e.g. losing weight and quitting smoking. It has also been found to be effective for phobias and anxiety disorders.

The principles of Classical conditioning tell us that using association any stimulus can be conditioned to produce a similar response to that of the original stimulus an example of this is shown in Ivan Pavlov’s (1927) study in which he associated the ringing of a bell to the presentation of food to a dog, the dog then got conditioned to salivate when he heard the sound of the bell alone as he associated the ringing of the bell with the presentation of the food. The therapies in classical conditioning are based on the idea of extinction. The principle of extinction works by basically stopping the conditioned stimulus which in Pavlov’ study is the bell whilst continuing the presentation of the food (unconditioned stimulus) and the dog will eventually disassociate the two and stop salivating (conditioned response) to the sound of the bell. Furthermore the conditioned response of salivation at the tone of the bell will become ‘extinct’.

Behavioural therapy originates from the studies conducted by Wolpe (1958)...

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