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Descriptive Essay

  • Submitted by: Murray316
  • on December 9, 2008
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Lunch break would be the time to grab something to eat and relax for an hour. When I am low on funds, a restaurant with a dollar menu is usually my first choice. I had a taste for the crispy tender chicken nuggets and the spicy flavored chilly, so I made my way over to the Wendy’s restaurant. I swung open the glass doors and could see the beginning of a long line straight down the path. I walked through the doors and saw the garbage area on my left side, and across both sides of the walking path were seating areas.   Young couples gazing into each others eyes as they sat facing one another, children playing with their food as their guardians watch over them. The people who waited on line were bordered by seat belt material rope clamped to separate poles, which made people line up in a maze-like direction. My time was precious as I stood on the line waiting to place my order and watching my lunch hour get eaten away. The food menus mounted above the cash register area were well lit without any missing detail. The machinery in the back seemed sanitary and the people were working attentively.
At last the person in front of me left the line to place their order; while for the hundredth time, I heard a voice behind the cash register call out, “Hi, may I help you?” All the people working behind the cash registers looked about 25 or younger, and were, coincidentally, people of color. They held tired, “I hate my job,” facial expressions as they quickly moved their arms to punch in the orders. I had to get two orders of the flavorful, white meat, medium crisp, five piece chicken nuggets along with a cup of warm chilly, and a soft drink. Finally, I grabbed my bag of food and sat at a two seated single table near the bathroom. Three tables in front of me was a homeless man who was waiting to go into the bathroom. The homeless man was bundled in an over sized, black dingy textured, winter coat and his head was covered with a stained skull tight hat. He sat two tables...

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