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Desert Communications Call Center Operational Chan Essay

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Desert Communications Call Center Operational Changes

This paper will address Desert Communications’ call center operational changes within this company but specifically within the team of ten that I manage.   It will also cover the newest issue of maximizing profits for the company by customer representatives offering additional services such as phone insurance, additional minutes, roadside service aside from the normal services of customer support, responding to service inquiries, and answering billing questions.   Strategies to integrate will be addressed that will help generate the profit needed.   Additionally, the customer representatives will be assessed on their ability to satisfy the customer as well as being evaluated on the percentages of services they can sell during each service call.   An action plan will be created for them to follow.
Desert Communications Call Center Operational Changes
The action plan for any call center needs to be carefully thought out and planned.   The strategy developed is the most important aspect for success in any changes or new ways to maximize profits in any organization.   For the Desert Communications Call Center, profits need to be maximized in order for the call center to thrive.   The following action plan should do just that:
Action Plan for My Team
The Goal
The goal is implementing ways to maximize the profits of the Desert Communications Call Center.   Wherever possible, cost reduction, improving processing time, improving how the product is delivered on the phone, and the output costing are all critical to profitability.
The Immediate Actions
Employees are encouraged to offer additional services to maximize profit.   The actions needed to do this are as follows:
  * Educate the call center representatives on the products to offer listed under goal.

  * Educate the call center representatives on the old products and how they relate to the new
  * Have the call center representatives use the...

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