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Design Challenge Essay

  • Submitted by: harishsairam
  • on March 4, 2011
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In Embedded systems the designer must ofcourse construct an implementataion that fulfills desired functionality,but a difficult challenge is to construct an implementation that simultaneously optimizez numerous design metrics.
Common Design Metrics:-
      For our purpose,we are using microprocessor with an accompanying program,a connection of digital gates or some combination.Design metrics is the measurable feature of the system’s implementation.
Commonly used metrics:-
  * JPEG(JOINT PHOTOGRAPHIC EXPERTS GROUP):-Joint refers to the group’s status as a committee working on both ISO and ITU-T standards.
  * NRE COST(NONRECURRING ENGINEERING COST):-The one time monetary cost of designing the system.Once the system is designed any number of systems can be designed without any additional cost.
  * UNIT COST:-The monetary cost of each copy of the system,without NRE Cost.
  * SIZE:-The system required by the system,measured in bytes for software and gates for hardware.
  * PERFORMANCE:-The working of the system.
  * Power:-The power consumed by the system,which may determine the system lifetime.
  * FLEXIBILITY:-The ability to make the changes without heavy change in the NRE Cost.
  * TIME-TO-PROTOTYPE:-Time needed to built a working version of the system,which may be expensive than the final system,but it can be used to verify the system’s correctness.
  * TIME-TO-MARKET:-Time required to develop the system within the time and sold to the consumer.
  * MAINTAINABILITY:-Ability to modify the system after the system has entered into the market,especially by the designer who did not originally designed it.
  * CORRECTNESS:-Designing of the test circuitry to show that the designed system was good.
  * SAFETY:-The probability that the system will not harm.

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