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Design Essay Wood And Metal Trends At The Detroit Auto Show

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原文转自www.cardesignnews.com, 是属于仅对会员(membership)开放的文章。感觉还不错,特转来给大家看一下:
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6 J   B7 {$ L, }Design Essay: Wood and Metal Trends at the Detroit Auto Show
) K' j! g! Z. yby Fiona Doskocz     29 Jan 2007
: V6 {# B( v7 w/ s/ z- t
% M; N+ ]; P1 W) ^8 |; lWood and metal accents have been used in automobiles since the beginning, but at the Detroit Auto Show this year it was impressive to see a reintroduction of integrity and authenticity in these traditional materials.
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, ^+ M: Z6 Z! b$ U: b   S, ?Many new interpretations of wood and metal were seen but it was the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that captured a truly artisan approach. Ian Cameron, Chief Designer of Rolls-Royce design, spoke about the use of real materials keeping their appearance true to their origin versus the "look-a-like" copies seen on other vehicles.   All the materials on this vehicle were intended to not only have a sumptuous elegance but also have practical use.
" W! T L9 f+ z5 ?& S8 s: p
/ l/ j! U7 u7 {1 [6 b/ }) qRolls-Royce Phantom Drophead CoupeNaturally, one of the first things you see is the silver 'Spirit of Ecstasy' glistening on top of a commanding grille and in front of an immaculate stainless steel hood. The highly-polished, hand finished surface emphasized the detailed craftsmanship expected in a Rolls-Royce vehicle. Without paint to hide any 'sins', the hood requires extensive handwork to achieve this shimmering feature. The color and contrast of stainless steel created a classic sports car line against the more traditional blue exterior paint and the emphasis of metal was carried through into the interior as more a familiar 'crosscar' accent trim.( x8 b* _5 ^3 e5 y

; E2 U! E+ i( W- `4 {5 `Throughout the show,...

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