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Developing A Multicultural Organisation Essay

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Developing a Multicultural Organisation
The foundation and point of departure for creating and effectively managing diversity is the development of a truly multicultural organization.
A multicultural organization has been described as one that:
  1. Reflects the contributions and interests of diverse cultural and social groups in it’s mission, operations, and product or service.
  2. Acts on a commitment to eradicate social oppression in all forms within the organization.
  3. Includes the members of diverse cultural and social groups as full participants, especially in decisions that shape the organization.
  4. Follows through on broader external social responsibilities, including support of other institutional efforts to eliminate all forms of social oppression.
A generally recognized multicultural firm is Microsoft which has a Diversity Department and Diversity Advisory Council that is charged with upholding the vision of “maximizing the company’s performance through understanding and valuing differences”. As Microsoft Diversity Director Santiago Rodriguez declares:
Diversity assumes not only that people are different-we know that-but that their difference is value-added. If you know how to harness that difference, you’ll be more competitive as a corporation than those firms that don’t, whether in the domestic marketplace, and certainly in the global marketplace.  
Building and Maintaining a diverse workforce
A diversity program will assist organizations in achieving their business and strategic goals. Building and maintaining a diverse workforce is best managed in three stages:
  * Positioning the organisation
  * Designing and implementing a diversity program
  * Sustaining commitment
Positioning the organization
The key to successfully developing a diverse, multicultural, high quality workforce begins with a strong leadership commitment and knowledge of where the organization is today.
  1. Commitment
Commitment is the foundation of...

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