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Developmental Psychology Essay

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  • on March 20, 2012
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Developmental Psychology
Realms of Growth:
A. Physical B. Cognitive C. Pyscho-Social D. Moral
a. Physical Development
- ideally, growth before birth Is a problem-free “self-shaping” process
Ie. According to innate mechanisms of development
- Realistically, maturation in utero is not independent of external influences ( eg. Mother’ diet, alcohol, drugs, infections)
- Teratogens affects greatest during embryonic stage (2weks 3rf month after conception), critical period for development of major organ systems eyes, ears, heart, hands, feets…
- At birth, child’s predispositions (natural tendencies) continue to be affected by environment
- Maturation involves interaction of innate and environmental factors beginning at conception
Jan 9th
When everything goes right:
- Newborns are helpless but for operation of several reflexes: grasping, rooting sucking – (involuntary responses)
- Vision is weak hearing impaired, taste reception limited (sweet / bitter)
- Is 3 – 4 months before sensory systems are
- beginning to operate effectively
- As sensory systems begin functioning better,,
o Reflexes being to cease operation
o Child’s overall voluntary motor control begins to improve (e.g. raise head, roll, crawl, babble)
- Rate of maturation of motor skills is a function of the interaction of nervous system development and experience
b) Cognitive Development
- Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget pioneer in study of children’s cognitive development
- Emphasized qualitative difference in cog. Processes between adults and children
- Differences not a function of brain size but neural connections b/t cells
- Charted “Stages” of development from infancy to adulthood
- Movement through stages is result of child’s attempts to make sense of/ operate within its environment
- Qualitative changes in making sense of things product of formation of mental models of “self-in-world” … schemas
- Provide framework for understanding
- Are modified through of 2...

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