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Developmental Psychology Essay

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  • on June 6, 2012
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One of the well known scholars in the field of developmental psychology, Urie

Bronfenbrenner has been the primary contributor to the ecological systems theory. The

ecological theory defines four types of systems which contain roles, norms and rules that

shape development. The systems include a microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and

macrosystem. The microsystem is the family, classroom, or systems in the immediate

environment in which a person is operating. The mesosystem is two Microsystems

interacting, such as the connection between a child’s home and school. The exosystem is

an environment in which an individual is indirectly involved and is external to his

experience, yet it affects him anyway i.e. a child’s parent’s workplace. The macrosystem

is the larger cultural context.

By creating these systems, Bronfenbrenner was the leader in introducing

researchers into examining the family, economy, and political structures as influencing

the development of a child into adulthood. This paper will attempt to better understand

the findings of Bronfenbrenner as it relates to child development, also look at

environmental influences on the whole child’s development and finally how it relates to

early education programs.

Various development theories place emphasis on the nature and nurture

interaction in the development of children. But Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system

theory looks at the child’s environment in terms of its quality and context. He states that

“as a child develops, the interaction within these environments becomes more complex.

This complexity can arise as the child’s physical and cognitive structures grow and

mature. So, given that nature continues on a given path, how does the world that

surrounds the child help or hinder continued development?”

The ecological model of Bronfenbrenner’s theory attempts to explain the

differences in individual’s knowledge, development and competencies...

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