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Developmental Psychology Essay

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  • on March 22, 2008
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There are five foundations of developmental psychology: multidirectional, multicontextual, multicultural, multidisciplinary and plasticity. The first is multidirectional. This characteristic states that change happens in every direction. It is not always predictable and lasts from birth until death. The second foundation is multicontextual, where historical conditions, economic happenings, and cultural traditions all impact development. Multicultural is the third foundation which states that psychological development is different within each culture. The fourth foundation is multidisciplinary. This explains that many different academic and professional fields contribute the study of psychological development. And the fifth and final foundation is plasticity which states that change is not permanent. People and the traits they have will continue to change throughout their life.
Developmental Psychology is considered a science because it is based on objective evidence. However, the focus is on humans and their growth which makes it full of personal implications and opinions, making it subjective. The mixture of objectiveness and subjectivenees makes this science particularly challenging to study. Scientists use a wide range of methods for studying. Among them are the scientific method, research, observing, surveying, and experimenting. The wide variety of methods available makes this science even more dynamic.
Developmental Psychology has a major issue related to it, ethics. Ethics is always important in the sciences but it seems to be even more so with developmental psychology. This is partly because this particular science deals with children. The participants must be treated fairly with great care and protection. At the same time, however, the results must be clear and understandable. This is also another uniqueness amongst the sciences.

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