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Developmental Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: nmccray
  • on November 11, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Nakia McCray
Developmental Psychology

In the article Bed-sharing or Co-sleeping Can Save Babies’ Lives, the topic of co-sleeping and bed-sharing with a newborn baby is coercive with the emotional stage of the newborns psychological development. While most times the focus of bed-sharing is harmful, it can also be beneficial. The main benefit said is to wake up next to your newborn that has suddenly stopped breathing. The author notes several families who explain their experiences with bed-sharing or co-sleeping. One family shares their story about waking up in the middle of the night to their newborn being blue in the face. With two or three thumps to the back, the baby started crying. Another story dealt with a newborn chocking while on his back. He had spit up and could not clear his airway for breath. The mother exclaimed that had she not been there to the aid of her baby, he probably would have not made it.
My response to bed-sharing with a newborn is to practice putting it to a halt at least every other week from 6 months until the baby is born. This will give the parents space from the child and opportunity to cope with not being at the side of the baby in terms of the future. As the family implied, in many cases of breathing, some babies have certain difficulties early in the stage of infancy. It is vital to make sure newborns are up to date on visits to a pediatric respiratory specialist to ensure the wellbeing of the infants breathing and respiratory tract. Just as an infant has that emotional support from his mother/parents, he must learn to wake up one night crying seeing that mom is not there at that minute but know that she will be there in a moment. This scenario is the same as when a child goes off to pre-k for the first time. Eventually he/she has to deal with both parents not being around, which is all a part of human development.

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