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Developmental Psychology Essay

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  • on February 4, 2015
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Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Sarah-Jane Dixon
DMU P09195634

Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Compare and contrast the information processing approach with the behaviourist approach to understanding childrens psychological development.

This essay shall explore the understanding of childrens developmental psychology, including influences which may affect a child’s development. By comparing the information processing approach with the behaviourist approach and exploring evidence, including merits and criticisms for both approaches, this essay will argue that the information processing approach is acknowledged and more widely used than the behaviourist approach in contemporary Britain.

Psychology originates from the Greek; psyche (mind) and logos (study) translating to; the study of the mind (Gross et al 2004). Child development psychology is the study of stages, issues and influences that a child experiences during from birth to adulthood (PsychologyCampus 2008).   This definition is agreed upon by CliffsNotes (2011) stating child developmental psychology is the scientific study of changes and phases throughout childhood into maturity.   Child developmental psychology looks at many stages of development, including; physical, emotional, social, cognitive, intellectual and personality (Cherry 2011).

There are a number of debates surrounding a child’s psychological development, the most predominant question the influence of nature versus nurture, continuity versus discontinuity and early experiences versus later life experiences (Cherry 2011).

The behaviourist theories of psychological development argue children’s behaviours are attained through conditioning (Gross 1993).   Pavlov (1927) introduced the concept of classical conditioning.   In his experiment, Pavlov (1927) produced a conditioned response to a conditioned stimulus by using a previously neutral stimulus, in this instance; a bell sounding prior to the dogs receiving...

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