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Developmental Psychology Essay

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  • on March 26, 2015
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Aravinda shallow
Developmental Psychology
Miss Fraser

Topic 2: a baby in a new clear household the child is autistic: discuss the baby development between ages 0-2

Autism also known as Autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) is a developmental disability that affects children’s social, communication and language problem they also restrict patterns of behavior interest or activities.   The child was born in a nuclear family. The parents did not see any signs and symptoms of the child being autistic until he/she hit the six months where the child did not smile warmly or show signs of affection towards its mom or dad, then at 9 months the child did not make any sounds facial expressions, then 12 months the child did not respond to his/her name, engaging in any gestures such as pointing an waving or babble in baby talk. While a year and four months has past the child still could not speak or say a word and then two years after the child could not come up with phrases or words of his own. With this the parents went to a doctor/ pediatrician and the doctor told them that the child had autism and said that when he/ she grows up they would have difficulty doing certain things a normal kid could do such as: 1. Lack of Social Communication Skills
Interacting with others is often difficult for children with autism spectrum disorder. They usually appear disconnected from their peers and any social setting that they are a part of. Children with autism may not seem to be aware of what is going on around them, whether or not this is actually the case. Connecting and making friends is also often a great challenge. To other children, they may seem reserved and aloof and this may cause them to be left alone. They may not always get involved in games. The autistic child will not readily share their experiences, toys or drawings and so one the same way that non-autistic children do to build solidarity. 2.     There is difficulty...

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