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Diagnosis And Treatment Essay

  • Submitted by: egrehnper1837
  • on December 21, 2009
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Diagnosis and Treatment

BEH 225 Wk 8

The psychological disorder that I chose for my paper is Attention-deficit/ hyperactive disorder or better known as ADHD. This disorder is more than just another type of disorder because both my youngest son Dominic and my husband Zac have ADHD.
Psychologist use to call ADHD simply Hyperactivity, but to help other understand what it actually was they changed the name. ADHD is most commonly found in boys, rather than girls. Psychologists say that a person with ADHD was more than likely born with this disorder, but that the symptoms don’t start to show until the person starts school. ADHD affects nearly 5%   of all school aged children. When a child is at school they need to sit and be quite and pay attention; this is almost an impossible tasks for people who suffer from ADHD.   Psychologist think that a child that has ADHD is unable to focus like the other children, they are very easily distracted, and have major impulse problem. People also seem to fidget quite a bit and are always on the move.
To diagnose a child with ADHD it takes a lot of examinations and communication between the parents, the teachers, and the physicians. `First of all a physical examination by the child’s pediatrician is needed. The doctor will make sure that there are no signs of hearing or vision problems, any allergies, eczema, or epilepsy; all of which can cause similar signs to ADHD. A medical, behavioral, and academic history is taken, along with information on the child’s development. The child’s doctor will talk to the parents, the families of the child and the teachers the child has. This is all done with personal interviews as well as written questionnaires. A complete family history and development is taken and looked over to see what factors may be playing into the child’s behavior and problems. In some cases test and examinations by other doctors, such as neurologist or a child psychologist may be needed to finish...

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