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Diary Of Cole Benson War Hero Essay

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  • on March 1, 2011
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It was a freezing winter of the early 17th century. people just kept on dieing by the dozen even ships that came with food were no use because all of the food they   brought was rotten. Snow was tumbling down at a rapid speed. This was the worst winter yet. We weren’t used to the harsh weather out here. Summer was flaming hot and winters were even worse. Everyone was starving at this point and even people were trying to eat each other it was horrifying to see people would get PERSECUTED for trying to eat each other but there was no choice. The COLONY was dying little by little. People were getting SMALLPOX and the harsh winter didn’t help.

My name is Cole Benson, A settler who came with no idea this was going to happen. I am 25 years old and about to starve to death. We received help from a kind man by the name of SQUANTO, a Native American who helped us during our first Winter here In the new world. There was no STAPLE CROPS here and you would rarely find something to eat but SQUANTO helped us. The QUAKERS were here with us on our journey and so were the PURITANS which were English speaker men protestants. We were all PILGRIMS here who landed in PLYMOUTH, MA.

Finally the winter ended and in 1621 we had a nice dinner wit the Native Americans we called that day THANKSGING. I was sent somewhere I didn’t belong where I met a young men called JOHN ROLFE he told me about these fascinating places and how he planted tobacco. He told me about a devious plan to marry some girl called POCAHONTAS and how he was going to bring her back home and show the world that they could marry these ladies and take over the land then convert them to Christians. I thought this plan was brilliant. I also met someone called JOHN SMITH he was an English explorer. He also talked about the same girl POCAHONTAS and how she saved his life. He told me also about a place called JAMESTOWN in Virginia to the north of Norfolk. I told him about the harsh weather and how I was used to having...

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