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Dibs in search of self Essay

  • Submitted by: allwatuwant
  • on December 3, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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Dibs in search of self
The book Dibs is a testimony of a 5 year old child who seems to be mentally retarded and suffers the rejection of the people around him including his parents. But there was something about Dibs that differentiate him from a regular retarded child; sometimes he would quietly do something that indicated he might have superior intelligence. This uneven behavior generated many questions. Sometimes he sat mute and unmoving all morning and If he responds at all, to anything, it was generally in monosyllables - "No, no, no!". He even attacks the other children if they approach him; this situation molested both the school and his parents who under their eyes he was born that way. Just on time help came from outside at the hand of a gifted therapist and a pioneer of play therapy Virginia Axline who takes on this child and, over the course of many weekly one-hour play sessions, helps him express his inner thoughts and feelings. At first he was so close to himself that only one person was able to reach him which was his grandmother who seem to understand him the most; Axline believed that the cause of this was because Dibs felt that she was in the same level as him. He did not feel inferior and was not afraid to be himself in front of her and also she used to listen to him and answer all his questions. The Play therapy opened many doors to this child’s inner feelings and helped him discover himself; this play therapy consisted in a room where there were many toys and where the child could do whatever he felt like doing while the therapist studyed the child behavior (The idea is to create a proper environment for the child to release him/her self). For the Doctor Axline, play therapy is “based upon the fact that play is the child’s natural medium of self-expression.” (Axline, 1964)
In some of these sessions he played with a dollhouse where he pretended to be the one in control and mimic the things that happened on his parent’s house; there Dr. Axline...

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