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Differences Essay

  • Submitted by: Brooklynfinest
  • on December 4, 2011
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Differences between Best friend and Frienemies
  1. How many of you ever wondered what type of friends you have, you ever been into a heat exchange and asked what kind of friend are you. Friendship is a bond that many people share with one another, you have best friends and your frienemies. Best friends and frienemies are just two of the more common friendships in today’s society. Right now i just want to give you a little information on these two types of friendships. Some of the information I’m going to give you is from knowledge and some personal experiences I have had throughout my life so far.
  2. Best friends, they are the one who you can call at any time, day, night it doesn’t matter. Best friends are people that you share everything with and vice versa. Don’t be fooled though, best friends do not happen in one day , it is a growing process that involve trust, respect and honesty. Everyone is not your best friend but u can have more than one. When searching for a best friend it is trail and error u lose some to win some.
  3. Then we have frienemies you r friends slash enemies. These are the type of people who have an alter ego , it could be jealously or hatred.   You may not see it just yet, but frienenmies will stab you in your back right underneath your nose. Just because you show love don’t think you will get love in return. Frienemies   are the one you can’t trust but you have to keep them close to you because you never know what they’ll do next they are sneaky.
  4. Your best friend is a person you grew up with, went to school with, got in trouble together and had each other back when it got rough. Through the good times and the bad you hold each other down no matter what. Best friends can actually go hang out and chill and don’t worry about them being talked about behind their back. Frienemy is the type of friend that knows everything about you and one day they just decide to hate what you have. They just want to see you fail or just want...

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