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Difficult Situations Essay

  • Submitted by: k1010
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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What would I do if I found out my girlfriend was pregnant?
Many people react different to this question. Many of them will say one thing and do another. Coming from a very Catholic family, I was raised to take on any responsibility that comes forth in my life. Having a child would be something that would change my life’s direction completely. Even as hard as it would be to raise a child, go to school, and have a job, I would do it. My family would be there with me through it all, even though they’d be pretty upset when they first find out. If this was to happen they would be more worried than upset because they want me to be as successful as I can when I grow up, but they have the belief that child is going to stop me. It can only stop those who let it. I think I have a great personality to raise a child and to take on the responsibility even if others disagree. Yeah, it would be a shocker at first, but in the end that baby would have my blood and I would dedicate my life to taking care of my family.
How would I react to getting arrested?
If I was to every be handcuffed, I would probably hit major depression, especially if its for something serious. My family would be the scariest part of getting arrested. Not the jail cell, criminals at the station, or the police. My family views me as a very clean, well-educated person who is going to do well in society. If I got arrested they would right away judge me differently. My family’s opinion is very crucial to me because in life I want to make them proud. My uncle is a police officer and for me to be handcuffed would put shame to him and I would feel like I embarrassed him because his nephew got arrested. My family has always raised me in a strict manner and I think that helps me a lot in life to stay away from crime and anything illegal.
What would I do if I won 65 million dollars?
If I ever hit the lottery of 65 million I would probably go insane. Knowing I have just won all that money would make me the...

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