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dilemmas of evil Essay

  • Submitted by: kcarbonneau
  • on December 15, 2008
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Kevin Carbonneau
Per.7 Peer Ministry
The Dilemmas of Evil

The dilemma of evil can be prevented but it can’t be stopped. Like the book tells you the universe has always and will always be torn between the forces of light and darkness. One of the arguments in the book states that you should follow is the free will defense. The argument is simple evil exists because humans improperly use their free will.

We can uses a few reconcile strategies to prevent evil but it may just be us. One is that we stop abusing the gift of free will and God won’t be forced to retaliate. And two if you are upset or worried look at fine art or listen to music. These are types of strategies for both major and tiny evil dilemmas but we will really never be able to prevent evil it is a way of life no matter how badly we want our world to be perfect it will never be that way because so many things happen that are terrible things and we have to suffer the consequences unfortunately

God loves us all he will never take the chance of hurting one person around a lot of bad things to teach those bad things a lesson. We are just human, yes we are God’s children but God will never have the chance to take the place of Jesus we can help fill the void but the void will never be completely filled. Evil is a part of life and sometimes it is too big for God to prevent and people are hurt in both the present and after effect.
We take the war in Iraq we have no reason to be over their but the United States believed their was a presence of evil and that it needed to be stopped and during this dilemma of evil many people have lost love ones because we cant prevent evil only help make it worse.

Racism, murder, and abortion are just selfish actions by people who think they have a right to do those things to peoples lives but they don’t we all have the equal opportunity to leave but like I said we cant prevent evil only help it and its people that encourage these things that make these...

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