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Dirty Dancing Essay

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  • on December 4, 2011
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Communication Studies 230
“Dirty Dancing”
Scene opens Billy Kostecki (Neal Jones) is holding two large watermelons, (Frances “Baby” Houseman   ( Jennifer Grey) is hold another other. Outside the door you hear music blearing into the halls.   “Billy” opens the doors nearly dropping one of the watermelons, the two stands in the doorway “Baby” is in awe of the dance moves that the dancers are doing, “Billy” has a smirk on his face as if the dancers are pleasing to him.
They begin to move through the crowd she stares at all the dances and each back at her she is out of place and seem to be uncomfortable. Crowd continues to dance and enjoy one another.   At the back of the room “Billy” and “Baby” admire the crowd of dancers as ‘Billy” tells “Baby the history of the dance moves.
“Johnny Castle” (Patrick Swayze) and “Penny Johnson“(Cynthia Rhodes) come in and joins the crowd and begin to show off their moves as a couples dance team.   “Billy “explains to “Baby” that she they aren’t dating but they have great chemistry on the dance floor she is in awe and doesn’t take her eyes off “Johnny”.
The song changes and the crowd goes wild   as if it is pleasing to them the camera pans the room and shows all the excitement in the room. The coupled dancers show off more of their skills in the middle of the dance floor.   “Johnny” lefts his partner “Penny“in the air, as she continues to swirl her hips. He places her back on the floor and they start to dances with the crowd “Johnny” see “Baby” stands there looking out of place. He motions for her to come on the dance floor with him.   She steps in slowly and she places his hands on her waist and slightly forces them in a swirling motion.   She does it very hesitantly and seems to be shy.   He continues to coach her and she gets it and her like it she wraps her arm around his neck and continues to swirl her hips into his pelvis. They are enjoying each other company the song begins to fade out and he grabs her arm and twirls her out. He...

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