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Dirty Night With Heavy Rain. Essay

  • Submitted by: 1994june22
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: English
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She began her day off like she did a cup of coffee, breakfast, and a newspaper at a table alone.
She went to work and worked until the last possible hour. She droved home and parks right outside, walks up to find a flower a red rose a hot red rose. She picks it up and sets in a cup of water.
It had a note connected to it. She talked to her friend on the phone ”well maybe you’ve got a secret admirer”.
She smiled with the thought of that…”thanks”.
They both hang up. She watches a movie and falls asleep on the couch. But the next morning she awakened in the bed. She remembers falling asleep on the couch but doesn’t think about it much.
She did her original routine and goes to work.

She soon comebacks to find another note.
“Did you guess who got you the flower…yes it was me”
The note reads about how much he loves her and she found it cute for now.
She went in take a shower “eshhhh” hisses the shower.
As she washed her hair suddenly feels so uncomfortable and gets out.
As she puts on her warm pyjamas and lays down on the bed and falls asleep.
Hours later she feels a weight next to her on the bed and smells a cologne and thinking that she’s dreaming.
As the time passes by she feels the weight off but is to lost in her sleep to notice it and finishes her night.
The next day she comes back from work and finds her best friend waiting for her.
They both come in, start talking about the murder that had recently happened.
Then they put on a movie that her friend brought over and both have some wine with it.
Half way through the movie the fall asleep while the movie still went on.
After an hour the DVD switched off which led to wakening her up but not her friend.
She decided to go to her own bed.
In the middle of the night she heard a unsettling noise like fingernails scraping the chalkboard.
She crawled out of her bed and crept to the corner of her bedroom.
Her door slowly creaked like an old door with rusty hinges.
Her friend walked in. ”What was...

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