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Diversity Essay

  • Submitted by: mayville11
  • on February 23, 2011
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Throughout life you have to set goals to be able to achieve and succeed. For the rest of the semester I have set goals for myself like: catching up on all my work, going to class, and to get a passing grade so I can pass the class. Now that I have listed my three goals I will explain to about each one of them.
My first goal I want to accomplish is catching up on all my work. One of the reason I have this goal set first is so I can get to where I need to be in class, and I don’t have to worry about turning in any late assignments. Another reason I have this goal set for myself is so that I can play basketball, and so that I don’t have to worry about failing a class, especially this one. Catching up on my work will take time but it’s something I have to do so I can get my grades to where they need to be. I think I have wasted a lot of time already by not going to class and I am definitely paying for it. This next leads to my next goal of going to class every day for the rest of the semester.
My second goal is to be in class everyday so I don’t miss any work. This is one of my hardest goals to achieve. This goal is difficult for me to achieve because this is an 8a.m class. From the first week of class to now I have realized that this goal is very hard for me, but I now have ways to help me get up for class. Some of the ways I have to help me get up for class are: my alarm clock, my phone alarm, and a friend. My attendance isn’t well in this class and I’ve made the decision to come to class every day to learn. Going to class everyday will help me get the grade I need to have to pass this class.
My last and final goal is to pass this class. If I catch up on all my work, and attend class everyday should help me achieve this goal. This goal will be difficult because I have a lot of work to catch up on. From this point on till the end of the semester I’m going to try my hardest to get to where I need to be for a passing grade. I have now realized that I need...

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