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Diversity Management Essay

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“In the interest of cultural diversity, we’ve hired Jason,
          here who owns a number of hip-hop CDs.”

Diversity – a cornerstone of Canadian society – is becoming an increasingly prominent concern for companies today. Canada’s approach to diversity is based on the understanding that “respect for cultural distinctiveness is intrinsic to an individual’s sense of self worth and identity, and a society that accommodates everyone equally is a society that encourages achievement, participation, attachment to country and a sense of belonging” (Canada Council for the Arts, 2008). This approach can be carried over to business in the realization that diversity in the workplace is an advantage that should be nourished for a company to benefit from its rewards. Many companies today do the bare minimum when it comes to diversity management and training without realizing that an effectively managed diverse workforce “improves a company’s bottom line and enhances the work environment” (Marquis et al., 2008). Companies that have learned to embrace diversity have expended considerable energy and resources aiming for an inclusive workplace through some special diversity practices. Fortune 500’s list of the Top 50 Diversity Companies shows that this is a trend that needs to be adopted into management and human resources planning. “Diversity Management initiatives are long-term and strategic in focus; strive not only to recruit but to actively develop, promote, and capitalize on the different skills and perspectives of minority employees; and involve fundamental organizational change” (Marquis, et al., 2008).

What is Diversity Management?_________________________
Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between people in an organization (mgmt text). That sounds simple, but diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational...

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