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Diverticulosis Essay

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  • on December 6, 2008
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Poor diet has contributed significantly to digestive problems in Westernized Industrial countries. Since processed foods were introduced in the 1900’s, the quality of our food supply has decreased. It has lost a lot of its natural nutritional content thus causing various ailments of the digestive system. One particular condition is called diverticulosis. Diverticulosis is a condition of the large intestine (colon) in which small bulging pockets of tissue push out from the walls of the colon due to pressure. The bulging pocket of tissue is known as diverticula and is more commonly found on the left side of the large intestine in the area of the sigmoid colon.
In the United States approximately ten percent of Americans older than 40 have diverticulosis. The condition becomes more common as people age. Approximately half of all people older than sixty have diverticulosis. This condition can eventually turn into a complication known as diverticulitis which is inflammation of the diverticuli and can possibly be life threatening if left untreated.
We have spent many years of our life eating foods and drinking beverages that contain little or no fiber content which puts a strain on the gut and in time is the cause of diverticulosis disease.   A diet low in fiber causes constipation. Constipation causes increased pressure in the large part of the gut and this pushes small parts of the colonic wall forming diverticula and creating diverticulosis. This insufficient fiber intake is the most important cause. Other causes identified by researchers which are least important are increased age and genetics.       Healthy Colon                                                                                   Diverticulosis

People are unaware they have diverticulosis until complications arise. Complications begin when more than one diverticula become inflamed and infected causing diverticulitis. Complications of diverticulosis include...

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