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Do Children Being Raised In a Homosexual Environme Essay

  • Submitted by: nicceliberato
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Do Children Being Raised In a Homosexual Environme" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

We all are used to the see the standard nuclear family as an ideal arrangement for modern society families; this mean that the men in the family are to be the breadwinners and the women in the family are to be the wives and mothers, and take care of the responsibilities at home. This role game is supposed to be followed by the kids of each family. However, homosexual families don’t have a breadwinner and a wife and mother in them. They either have 2 “breadwinners” or 2 “mothers”. When a child is raised in a family like these they are only around one type of gender role.   This might make people assume that, as the children do not have both genders to see how a nuclear family looks like, children raised by gay couples will follow the same path and eventually become homosexual too. But how much is it true about this statement?
I am convinced that homosexuality may be triggered by diverse experiences, such as having sexual relationships with members of one's own sex at an early age that prove to be very satisfying or the other way around; the roots of homosexuality may include disappointing heterosexual love experience. Although there are many theories talking about people’s becoming homosexual.
It is true that there is a learning theory that states that all kinds of behaviors are learned; including sexual behavior; if children have gay parents, they might imagine that having a one’s own sex partner is the normal thing. (Childhood sex-typed behavior and sexual orientation. Bailey, J. Michael)But as far as I’m concerned if this were true, “normal families” wouldn´t have gay kids therefore, this is just a theory because it haven´t been proved yet.
Psychiatric theories of homosexuality have included the following: that homosexuality is a regression to the earliest (oral) stage of development, that most families of homosexuals are characterized by an overprotective mother and an absent father; or that homosexuals fear engulfment by a dominant mother (homosexuality:...

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