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How does each of the following elements determine the structure of the novel? Essay

  • Submitted by: TosinOshinyemi
  • on December 15, 2008
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Below is an essay on "How does each of the following elements determine the structure of the novel?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Mayor of Casterbridge is a novel that relies heavily on coincidence so much so that one can claim that the novel is unbelievable; one such coincidence is the convenient conversations that are misheard or overheard or simply someone’s gaining knowledge they never should have gained or the knowledge wasn’t directed their way. An example of a crucial misunderstanding in the novel is Michael Henchard interpreting Donald Farfrae’s purchase of a corn and hay business as some sort of coup d'état. Henchard now appeals to Elizabeth-Jane   that she sever   all relations with   Donald Farfrae and sends a letter to Farfrae requesting that he do the same. Elizabeth-Jane obediently complies. The animosity between Henchard and Farfrae grows even more steadily as a result of this. As Farfrae's new business blossoms, so does Henchard’s bitterness. This misunderstanding was only small and could have easily been avoided, if Henchard wasn’t blinded by his paranoia he would have seen that Farfrae entered the corn and hay business to stay in Casterbridge and a result continue being near to Elizabeth Jane, but instead he has denied both of them their happiness. ’Hence, when she felt her heart going out to him…She tried to prevent herself from seeing him, and seeing him; succeeding fairly well in the former attempt not so much in the latter.’ Elizabeth- Jane is clearly torn because of Henchards request and cannot stop herself from thinking about him. This misunderstanding has a varied effect on the structure of the novel as a whole. The misunderstanding adds to the downward trajectory of the novel, Henchards story is one of a rise and fall and events of this nature only add to his fall, in that sense it further strengthen the novel because it is structured around a mans fall. This also makes cracks appear in Henchards foundation, his personality alienates him and towards the end his foundation is so weak that he has no one to stand on; in this case his foundation would be those around...

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