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Does It Matter Essay

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This poem I have chosen to do is called ‘Does It Matter,’ by Siegfried Sassoon. It talks about the disrespect civilians gave to the wounded during the First World War, 1917 – the time when this poem was written. On first glance, the poem seems to be addressed towards an injured soldier querying them about the consequences of losing legs and sight. The poet discusses the lack of respect given to veterans, often bearing scars of war, as the main subject, using humour and sarcasm very effectively in order to convey his views.
Sarcasm is evident throughout the poem, an example being in the first 5 lines, ‘For people will always be kind, And you need not show that you mind When the others come in after hunting, To gobble their muffins and eggs.’ The veteran is left out of the chances to hunt game and is instead giving the task to make food for those who hunt. The people in the particular stanza are taunting this legless person by disregarding his disability and continuing on with hunting. This type of sarcasm is found in 3 places in this poem, after each question where the poet asks ‘Does it matter?’ and ‘Do they matter?’ On statement from the concluding stanza, 'You can drink and forget and be glad/ And people won't say that you're mad' is another clear example of the employment of sarcasm by the poet. Here, the poet addresses the fact that many veterans, literally no longer having purpose, resort to drink. It is also seen by the use of the association of the words 'forget' and 'glad' that veterans had to drink in order to remove the scarring memories from their mind - the scenes from war that had made them so depressed. However, these actions on the part of the war veterans are taken as madness or insanity by the public. The sarcastic tone used emphasises the fact that civilians could not comprehend, nor took the time to attempt to comprehend, the war veterans' experiences.
Repetition is found in this poem by the replication of the rhetorical question ‘Does It...

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