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Dongs Are Gay Essay

  • Submitted by: miker00lz
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Ultima VI Reference Guide
IBM-PC/Tandy and 100% Compatibles
by Lord British


P.O. Box 161750 • Austin, Texas 78716 IBM, Tandy, are registered trademarks of International Business Machines, Inc., and Tandy Corp. ULTIMA VI is a registered trademark of Richard Garriott © 1990 ORIGIN SYSTEMS, INC.

Ultima VI Reference Guide
IBM-PC/Tandy and 100% Compatibles
by Lord British Getting Started — Floppy Drive Systems (No Hard Drive)
Each time you begin a new Ultima VI adventure, you must create a set of "play disks" (you can't play on the original disks). Here's how: 1. You will need eight blank 5.25" low-density disks. (If you have higher density disks, see the section below.) 2. Put your DOS system disk in Drive A. 3. Format one blank disk. (Refer to your DOS manual for the procedure.) Label this disk "PLAYER." 4. Put your DOS system disk back in Drive A. 5. Type DISKCOPY A: A:. The computer will prompt you to insert "source" (original) and "target" (blank) disks. One disk at a time, copy the seven original disks onto the remaining seven blank disks. The computer will automatically format them for you before copying. After each disk has been copied, you will be given the chance to copy another. Repeat this procedure until all seven disks have been copied. Label the seven copies to match the originals. 6. Put all of the original disks back in the box and use them only if you want to start a new adventure from the beginning. Play only on copied disks. 7. Insert your copy of the disk entitled "ENDGAME" into Drive A. 8. Type INSTALL. Follow the directions on the screen to set up your computer for optimal play. 9. Insert your copy of the disk entitled "PROGRAM" into Drive A and type ULTIMA6 to begin play. (Do this any time you want to begin a play session from now on.) If You Use High Density Floppy Disks Ultima VI comes on low density, 360K disks. If you have a higher density 5 1/4" or 3.5" drive and a low density floppy drive, you can copy two...

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