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Drama Essay

  • Submitted by: bobjones
  • on December 7, 2008
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Internet can be defined as a system which connects computer networks worldwide using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or Internet Protocol (IP). One of the things that contributed to the coming up of the internet was when it was first used in 1969 as Advanced Research Project APARNET under sponsorship of   the United States government according to Search Development.com (2008).   Internet or simply net includes the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic mail, and packet transfer. One can browse the internet using an internet browser such as Netscape and Internet explorer. Internet transformed the way things were done so that there was a marked difference in life after internet in comparison to life before the introduction of the internet as the net made life to be much more efficient, less expensive and more manageable.
Communication was considerably improved in life after internet. This was because one of the foremost goals of the internet had always been to improve communication. It became easier to send and receive information especially over long distances. Internet made messaging to be instant and less expensive, with E-mail practically replacing postal mail. Though most of the e-mails sent to friends and relatives became more impersonal as they consisted of forwards. In contrast, communication took time and was expensive to carry out in life before internet. For instance mail had to be posted and it usually took a couple of days for the recipients to get it. While telephone and fax could be used, these were expensive especially if carried out over a long distance. Mail sent to friends and relatives then was much more personal and intimate.
Life after internet led to the availability of a large data bank of information on various issues and topics. With most books in print being electronically published or sold on the web.   Encyclopedias such as Wikipedia were also available and they provided a lot of information.   All these information could be easily accessed...

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