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dream Essay

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  • on January 22, 2009
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A Teen in America Today

      My life. To analyze the hardship and journey of being a teen in this 21st century it is inevitable not to look upon my life. For I am a teen in this ever-evolving world, and I have a myriad of difficulties I deal with everyday. Now, some teens in the 21st century might address their problems of finding a prom date or adapting to the ever-changing technology. Some would, no doubt, talk about applying to college or trying hard not to waste the precious dollar, but I highly doubt that any will address the real issues. The complexity of emotional and mental stress facing teens today. There are under lying problems of today are not always the most spoken; many are afraid of the consciences of voicing their opinions on these challenging issues.

      One of the most taboo subjects of today's youth is parents; mine are two prime examples to examine. My mother, a short Irish nurse with a charismatic personality. A woman, who expects the best from her children but will not take any time from her part time day to listen to their [my brothers, sister and me] problem's. A mother who has not
helped me own my homework since the 7th grade, but critiques every grade I receive nonetheless. A mother who is too timid to honestly voice her opinion to my dad.   My father, a high school educated man, who believes in an Iron fist type rule of his household. To him, nothing is satisfactory; no task can be done to his unrealistic standards. He holds the belief that no one can compare to the great male he is.   Everything he does is law, and my siblings and me should look up to all of his actions. Does that mean teaching my children discipline with my fist? Occasionally having one to many? Talking about my children about my kids behind their backs but when they confront you, I should lie to them? Should I play favorites with my children like they are just toys in a toy chest and throw them around and treat like property? If I followed the example of...

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