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the dream Essay

  • Submitted by: duckey3861
  • on December 16, 2008
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Chapter   1
                  The beginning


Speeding through the spaceport that looked much like an airport on a small island called Guam, four kids raced to their terminal that said the name of their ship, which is the flying machine. It is common in the 50th century for kids at the age of 14 and above to own a spaceship, and to go in outer space by them selves. Their spaceship looked like a Ferrari F50 with gigantic thrusters on the back. Also it had wings with diesel fuel tanks on them and the car/spaceship is blue with red flames and a pink pinstripe (for the girls). Now it is time for me to tell you about the four kids. Fifteen year old Clare is the kind and cautious one and she wears long blue pants with a white tee shirt which has a flower on the front. Carol is fourteen and is polite only when she wants to be. She wares baggy green pants with a green, long sleeve shirt. George is sixteen and just plain rotten. He wears the same thing over and over. Jack is a mature eighteen years old and well he just has to be good to everyone because he is the oldest. He always wears khaki pants, and a short sleeve shirt with a collar.
            Usually kids have to pay $7.00 to go into space, but because it is spring break, going into the universe is free (for that week only).
As the kids arrive at their ship’s terminal, they get in it and Jack jumps in the drivers seat like he all ways does. While Jack is getting clearance, the other kids are trying to get their space suits on and get strapped in their seats before they take off. He gets clearance right off the bat, because most kids on spring break don’t want to do anything except play video games and watch movies. So they take off and as the kids are blasting through the Universe Clare shouts, “Hey guys look at that. It’s a planet made of metal with guns around it, and I do not think our world made that!”
“Well no duh, it would have been on every channel on TV, and you know how much...

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