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Dream Job Veterinarian Essay

  • Submitted by: Matthew188
  • on December 6, 2011
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A Love for all Creatures Big or Small
Job for which you are applying for: Veterinarian
What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communicating?
My strengths in communicating are when I meet new people and get to know them a little better I act as if we are friends so I feel more comfortable around them which makes my job a little bit easier especially since I have to work with people and getting to know them and their animals.   Good communication will help when you have to work people and find out things.
Another strength I have in communication is when I start to know people I feel more comfortable around them. This is good because when you are working with people and their pet the want to make sure they have chosen the right Vet. Confidence is another strength that I have which is good because if you’re a confident Vet then the people are going to see that and know that they have chosen a good Vet for their animals because if you didn’t have confidence that shows people that you are not to confident so why should they be confident in you.
One of my weaknesses are communicating or speaking in front of a large group of people. I find it hard to stand up in front of a large group of people that I don’t know and speak because I think that in my mind they are judging me because they don’t know me so it’s a little bit hard for me to speak in front of a larger group. Maybe if I was speaking to a group of about 10 people about a topic that I really know then I wouldn’t have a problem.
Another weakness I have would been when I am working with someone or with someone for a while that I don’t know I won’t really be myself   because I barely know the person.   On the other hand if I was with a family member or a friend whom I know really well then I would be very comfortable. But with someone I don’t know then I wouldn’t be as comfortable,   but as I came to know them my communication with that person would become better.

Why do you want this job?...

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