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Dreams And Nightmares Essay

  • Submitted by: yessycubanica
  • on March 4, 2011
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Once upon a time there lived a family of gods on a cloud in the sky. The youngest being

Dreamer. A very happy boy who spent his time going to earth, singing, playing, dancing

with the people, and talking of their hopes and wishes. Dreamer's older brother was a very mean

sad boy by the name of Nightmario. Death, violence, destruction were his best friends. He liked

to torture, pester, and even kill the people on earth. Because of Nightmario everything unjust

happened on earth. Occasionally Nightmario would not succeed in hurting people on earth, which was

because Dreamer, would warn them about Nightmario's plans. One day Nightmario caught

Dreamer and he was furious, hence a war started between the brothers, which lasted twenty-five

years. The fighting aggravated the king of the gods. He decided to end the feud by ordering the

brothers to stop interfering in the lives of the people.

They both were devastated, and Dreamer knew that the people on the earth would miss

the joy he brought to them.

So he decided to go into their sub-conscience at night while they

slept. This way he could spend time with them and bring joy to them at the same time moreover

the king of the gods to this day has no clue. He calls his visits ''DREAMS.''

One night Nightmario caught Dreamer in the act of making a dream and demanded that dreamer

show him how to go about making one, or he would tell the king of the gods. Dreamer followed

Niightmario orders. Consequently Nightmario uses his new gift to torture the people while they

sleep, he calls his little gifts ''NIGHTMARES.''

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