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Drinking Age Essay

  • Submitted by: thetedster
  • on December 5, 2008
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Drinking Age

A lot of controversy surrounds the drinking age within the United States. Whether it is eighteen, twenty-one, or older, lawmakers have been contemplating lowering the drinking age to a new standard of eighteen to encourage teenagers to do less drinking and driving, but wouldn’t this promote the opposite effect? If lawmakers pass this bill, not only will teenagers be able to drink and drive easier, but they will be able to make mistakes in their life a lot sooner in their life then otherwise accessible.
Look at for example drinking and driving, did you know that thirty five percent of all teenagers drink, and of those, fifty percent get behind the wheel of a car and attempt to drive? What will happen if those drivers now have access to alcohol any time they wanted it, and would not have to “jump through hoops” to get it? The rates will increase, and more deaths and tragedies will happen due to underage drinking and driving.
Have the lawmakers even put into consideration the addictiveness of alcohol? Alcohol is a drug, if someone has too much of it, it can have serious and life changing consequences in a person’s body. I cannot justify a teenager being able to make a rash and honest decision about drinking other then getting himself as smashed as possible on alcohol and needing a ride home, or making stupid and bad decisions while being under the influence.
Many people attempt to make the argument that in other countries, the drinking age is less than twenty one, even as low as sixteen. These countries have not been exposed to most of the experiences and wildness that the United States has to offer. Most teenagers’ ideas of a good time is drinking until you do not realize where you are and pass out. The countries in retrospect described not only have a different life then a normal American teenager, but also have different morals.
All together I think it's pretty stupid to even think about changing the drinking age to 18. We already have to...

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