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Drug Position Paper

  • Submitted by: pufcat1
  • on February 27, 2011
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The current drug policies of the United States are in great need of revision.   Many of the policies demand a mandatory sentence that is often steeper than the actual offense.   Because of this many of the prisons are overcrowded by people that should not have been there in the first place. However, before I can state why the laws should be changed I would like to go back to how drug and their laws started.
According to the New Batch website, 2001, drugs were not considered a major issue.   In fact the only legislation passed until 1937 was only to standardizing the manufacturing and purity of pharmaceutical products. At the time the main concern was alcohol.   During the sixties and seventies is when the United States over-whelmed by them. Drugs were used as a form of protest for the Vietnam War and many soldiers were already addicted to heroin and marijuana before returning home.   It wasn’t until the 1970’s that cocaine was introduced.   Since then drug use has made a steady increase.  
Then according to (www.drugpolicy.org/drugwar/mandatorymin/crackpowder.cfm), in 1986 when the drug war was at its peak the myth of crack cocaine being more dangerous than powdered cocaine was born. Many believed that “crack” was instantly addictive and make people become violent.   At the time there was not enough scientific evidence to discredit the claims. So the U.S Sentencing Commission comes up with mandatory sentencing on any and all drug offenses creating the sentencing disparity of 100 to 1. Since then, scientist have proven that the previous thoughts on cocaine, crack v. powder, were unsubstantiated. Unfortunately changing the U.S. Sentencing Commission is not as easily changed.
To be honest, I believe except for murder, rape, armed burglary, and pedophiles cases, a mandatory sentence hinder us.   Going back to the crack v. powder, a person that is caught dealing or even possessing five grams of crack will get a mandatory minimum 5 year sentence. This is the same...

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