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Drugs Essay

  • Submitted by: zthartman
  • on December 4, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Requiem for a Dream
Drugs are a bad thing to get started with. Even the ones that aren’t “addictive”, such as weed isn’t one you want to be introduced to. They consume your mind, body and soul. Once you're hooked, you're hooked. In this movie there were four lives, Marion, Tyrone, Harry and his mother Sarah. Four addicts to some sort of drug. Despite their dreams, they surrender to their addictions. As the movie plays you see what and how their additions make their life go out of control.
At the beginning of the movie you see that the son, Harry. Has no money and does anything to get drugs. He takes his moms T.V to the pawn shop to get what little money he can to get the drugs he is addicted to. He later gets a plan that he will start dealing drugs. That will give him the money that he needs to get high every day. But how will he get the money? That’s when he turns to his girlfriend Marion, she comes from a rich family and she has connections to upper-class men. She goes to these men for money, but this comes with a price and that is sex. She gets enough money the first time. She gives the money to her boyfriend and he gets enough drugs to start selling them. Well while all this is going on Harry’s mother got a phone call stating that she has been selected to be a guest on a T.V show. She wants to get back into a dress that she wore when she was skinnier in life. She goes to the doctor and gets some pills that make her lose weight and she starts to get addicted to them. She starts taking two because she starts feeling hungry and when Harry comes over he sees that something isn’t right by the way that she is so jittery and can’t stop moving, but he doesn’t care enough to look into it further.
Harry starts having lots of money, and lots of different types of drugs. He starts using more and starts buying things for his mother. Well this gets the best of him, literally. He starts using so much that he can’t afford more drugs so all the money that he saved up he...

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