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Drugs Essay

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Journalistic Review:

The illegal drug trade or drug trafficking is a global black market that consist on the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of illegal drugs. There are two types of drugs, the legal ones that it is legal to possess, sell and consume, and the illegal ones that you must not consume.  
Alcohol and tobacco, two legal, socially acceptable drugs that people are not taking the weight of the gravity of the matter. In one part the excessive consume of alcohol leads to alcoholism, and that leads to a split in the family, loosing friends and all the things that carries. Drinking has gone deep in our culture, we have acept alcohol as something normal and not harmless.
On the other hand tobacco, cigaretts, are also harmful as everybody knows, but nobody it is taking it seriously. Everytime that a person smokes a cigarret is harming him/her self and the people around. Governments spend lots of money in publishing advertisment about not consuming illegal drugs, and not putting atention to the excesive consume of alcohol and tobacco.
Illegal drugs are grown in wild areas, on farms, produced indoor or outdoor residential gardens, or manufactured in drugs lab located anywhere from a residential basement to an abandoned space. The common characteristic of the location of this production is that they are discreet to avoid detection, and they may be located in any ordinary setting without making notice. Much illegal drug cultivation and manufacture takes place in developing nations, although production also occurs in the developed world.
Going back to the illegal drug trade, drug distributors spread their merchandise beyond the borders, all around the nation. Drugs are found on anything that moves, cars, buses, trains, truckloads of refrigerated, specially in very smelly fish, etc. Always hidden under the seats, inside things, including human bodies.
As hard as it is to catch drug dealers at the border, it is even tougher when they reach...

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