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Drugs: Should We Legalize? Essay

  • Submitted by: gazobtile
  • on October 24, 2009
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Drugs: Should We Legalize?
Illegal drugs come in a variety of mediums: marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, amphetamines and many, many others. Use of these drugs has been an issue of great concern throughout the 1900’s, which is only a very recent development in the history of civilization. Many people believe that use of these substances is dangerous to both the abusers and the people around them, while others would argue that most of these illegal substances are harmless, when used cautiously. Like anything else in this world, drugs can be either dangerous or harmless, depending on how and when they are used. Not all drugs possess the means to physically harm a person, but it is because of their addictive nature that they are outlawed in today’s society.
Those against the legalization of drugs have several valid arguments to explore. For instance, smoking marijuana will cause one to become lazy and forgetful while snorting cocaine or amphetamines speeds up the way one perceives the world around them. These mind altering substances cause irrational behavior and provide the body with a false sense of energy. The longer these drugs are abused, the more the mind is consumed by irrationality. Both cases of these drugs, downers and uppers, are proven to be counterproductive in the work place. In some instances, abusers can inadvertently place their fellow employees at significant risk. Oliver Smith said, “Normal physical movement may be impaired, and operating machinery, driving a car or performing any physical activity may be more difficult.” Because of this, many corporate companies require a drug test as a condition of the hiring process as well as practice random drug testing.
Another highly notable argument concerning those against the legalization of drugs is that of their addictive nature. Drugs are extremely addictive and their abusers constantly want more, often times turning to crime and violence. Elliot Currie said that simply...

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