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Is Duddy Something or Nothing? Essay

  • Submitted by: mykal_25
  • on December 9, 2008
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To leave behind your roots, expectorate in the faces of those who care about you, and to deceive and lie, is to be Duddy Kravitz. From the beginning of The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, we see that Duddy strives to be someone. Determined to become the owner of a large group of lots on Lac St. Pierre, Duddy Kravitz makes decisions that condemn him to a life of falsehood and deceit. Despite his initial aspiration to becoming something to the people in his life, Duddy ends up as nothing with not even integrity to his name. This life Duddy lives is, in a sense, his own grandfathers doing. Duddy’s life is based on his grandfather’s words when he was young. Even from a young age Duddy was involved in get rich quick schemes, stealing and other shenanigans. In Duddy’s desperate attempt to succeed in life by owning land, he makes harsh decisions that leave him in a struggling position.   Because of this, Duddy becomes obsessed with this land he wants. Duddy also betrays Virgil, a loyal employee and friend, and the woman who loves him most, Yvette, becomes disgusted by him. In the end, he ends up with no money or financial success and of course loses his grandfather’s respect.

        Duddy’s ignorant personality makes him prone to negligent decisions.   Duddy befriends Virgil, knowing that because of his kind loving personality, he would be easy to manipulate and use to his advantage. When Virgil asks to work for him, Duddy wants his service, but does not want to pay him. He schemes that he can pawn off an old truck so that he doesn’t have to pay him. Virgil, being kindhearted and just thankful for a job, accepts this offer with excitement. Duddy finds out later that Virgil has epilepsy and shouldn’t be driving, but ensures that it will be fine. Foolishly ignoring Virgil’s condition shows us again the kind of person Duddy is. Tragically, Virgil crashes the truck and becomes paralyzed after having a seizure while driving.   Soon after, Duddy is in another money crisis...

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