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Duties and Governments Essay

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Duty of the Individual
If there were two citizens of a country running as presidents in a democratic/republic type government, who would be the best to be elected?   It would have to be the citizen with better knowledge and status.   Bad choices often lead to disaster and catastrophe.   Others must suffer because they are not doing their jobs.   Since the time of Athens, people have been making governments that involved the responsibility of the individual.   The duty of the individual pertains to all who are with their government.   It is one of the most important responsibilities to making a better political organization.  
A republic is one of the most common types of governments around the world.   The reason may be the fact that the officials do most of the work after being elected; however, this puts more pressure on those elected.   Everybody has problems, but it does not mean that one can just slack off because of it.   When a person takes a job, he or she must use the best of their ability to complete it.   Take voting for example. When the election does not go the way someone plans it.   It may have been due to the lack of voters.   In other words, it is the result of people who did not do their duty.  
In a democracy the people governing their government get much more freedom.   It is their job to do what must be done.   If they do not do their duty how will things ever progress in their government?   Some responsibilities are not up to their standards.   That can make them faulty in fulfilling their responsibilities.   Though it may be tough, they must still do their best in persevering with what must be done.   Democratic governments are very open to the people, making them happy because they get to decide.  
The Monarchy similar to a republic gives less effort to the individuals.   The individual does not rule, unlike in the democratic governments.   Less stress is given to the individuals so their duties can be done with ease.   It is not a good choice to have a...

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