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Dying Mothers Prayer Essay

  • Submitted by: wahooterbaby
  • on December 3, 2008
  • Category: English
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September 2, 2005, that afternoon, right as the sun was eye level, my husband Ty and I were driving home as we did every day, but to our astonishment we did not get there.   Ty driving and me in the passenger seat we started home, after waiting for the traffic to clear we headed across the west lanes of Hwy 24, halted in the median once again waiting on traffic, we looked to the right and naturally to the left and started across the east bound lanes, almost across I looked over to see a blue Mustang headed unswervingly at us!
I turned to look at my Husband and thought to my- self,
“Oh, my God we are going to get hit!” The speed of the other car was like lightning, I knew at that moment it was inevitable we were history. I continued staring at my husband which seemed like an eternity, then at last he saw the car and I tensed up for impact. The squealing of the tires and the sound of the car crunching inward towards me was horrifying. Thoughts flying, our   hearts racing and the lack of felling in my legs I wondered,
“Am I alive, is Ty alive?” Then, he spoke;
“Baby, baby are you ok?”

                                                                                                                                        “Yes, I think so.” Though no visible signs of injury were present, I was trapped and did not even know it. As, the first responders arrived, they heard the screams of the officer,
“We need the Jaws of Life and med-flight.”
At that precise moment, I panicked. I began to gasp for air and tried undoing my seat belt, it was stuck, I was stuck and no one was answering my questions. Why couldn’t I move? Why aren’t they trying harder to get me out? I began praying,
“God please help me, please let me live, I have 2 babies Lord I have to be there, they need me.” Suddenly, there were firemen surrounding the car, I heard the saw blade and then the door being ripped off by these modern day Hercules. My seat belt was cut; I was freed and unable to...

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